Just Do It

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I like to consider myself an intelligent person. I’ve often been told how smart I am. But how smart am I really? Upon reflection, not so much.

God has given me so much. I recognize some of it. I’m thankful; I’m grateful. But am I really? If I were, wouldn’t I use it to the greatest extent possible to glorify Him, to show Him to more people?

I resolve this morning to do that. It may not be pretty. It may not be perfect, but it will be real.

In the past years, God has given me enough material for to share for the rest of my lifetime, even if He never gave me another piece.

Will people care? I don’t know. Will people see? I don’t know that, either. But surely they will never see unless I put it out there. So I will put it out there.

I pray God will use this blog to glorify himself, draw people to Him. He will enrich anyone, if they allow.

Yesterday I was given a profound thought (the Holy Spirit said to me): DO NOT USE YOUR FREE WILL TO BE AN IDIOT.

Sound advice.

If you know someone that can use this advice, please share!

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