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The Resources are things that I have found helpful in building my relationship with God and want to share with you and encourage you to also utilize them. As with any relationship, a relationship with God takes time–not for Him, for us. To love God with everything we have, as we are commanded, we must invest in that relationship. We must invest time, effort, energy, and money. It is the best investment we will ever make.

Before we get to the list, let me ask: Do you know your learning style? We all have a way that we learn best. It doesn’t mean we can’t learn the other ways; but it does mean that we usually will learn easier and faster if information is presented in the manner that best fits our learning style. HERE is a link to a good test I discovered online and it doesn’t ask you to give it personal information or an email to get your results!

Want to know more about what you can do to utilize your learning style? HERE is a great resource.

KLOVE Christian radio all over the United States or on your smartphone. Positive, encouraging. It really is. Do the 30-day challenge! It will change your life!

Bibles – Bibles that I own, have used, and/or have researched and want to own.

Books – books that I have read and have helped me in one way or another in my relationship with God.

Studies – Studies I have done as an individual or in group studies, and some studies that I’m doing currently or plan to do.