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I have found nothing of this world that is constant and can be used as a reliable standard for truth. The only usable standard I have found is the Bible, God’s Word–which is written by people, but I believe to be God-inspired; God used them to give us His Word. Humans are fickle, they change “truth” way too often.

Truth is not based on public opinion. Truth is true, no matter if few or many believe it. Truth is fact. How people perceive a fact does not change the fact.

Whether something is true or not does not determine if it is good or bad. Good and bad are matters of perspective and perception—which side you’re on. Good and bad usually also require contrast to be recognized. Truth stands alone.

Here are scriptural references to the truths that comprise my Base Beliefs:

  1. God is sovereign – 1 Timothy 6:15
  2. The Bible is absolute truth – Psalm 119:160
  3. Jesus is the Son of God – Matthew 3:17
  4. Jesus is Lord – Acts 2:36
  5. Everyone needs Jesus – Romans 3:23