Isaiah Shockingly Applicable

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Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, July 24:
“The characteristic of a disciple is not that he does good things, but that he is good in motive because he has been made good by the supernatural grace of God. The only thing that exceeds right-doing is right-being.”

How can Christians claim to be such, but still do bad things? It’s all about motives. We are al sinners–there is no degree (one sin worse than another). We must surrender to God, let Jesus wash us clean. Repentance is a daily, hourly, requirement for me!

Isaiah 1:7
Your land is desolate,
your cities burned with fire;
foreigners devour your fields
before your very eyes—
a desolation demolished by foreigners.

Similar to the US now. Cities burned: Portland, Minneapolis, etc. Foreigners devour the fields: China buying US land. If this continues, US will be desolate. Why? Isaiah 1:4 is tells the answer.

Isaiah 1:4
Oh sinful nation,
people weighed down with iniquity,
brood of evildoers,
depraved children!
They have abandoned the Lord;
they have despised the Holy One of Israel;
they have turned their backs on Him.

We’ve turned our backs on the Lord, as a nation.

Isaiah 1:11-14
11“What are all your sacrifices to Me?”
asks the Lord.
“I have had enough of burnt offerings and rams
and the fat of well-fed cattle;
I have no desire for the blood of bulls,
lambs, or male goats.
12 When you come to appear before Me,
who requires this from you—
this trampling of My courts?
13 Stop bringing useless offerings.
Your incense is detestable to Me.
New Moons and Sabbaths,
and the calling of solemn assemblies—
I cannot stand iniquity with a festival.
14 I hate your New Moons and prescribed festivals.
They have become a burden to Me;
I am tired of putting up with them.

Above is a list of all the rituals, keeping up appearances, to appear righteous, but the Lord knows the heart. The solution?

Isaiah 1:16-17
16 “Wash yourselves. Cleanse yourselves.
Remove your evil deeds from My sight.
Stop doing evil.
17 Learn to do what is good.
Seek justice.
Correct the oppressor.[a]
Defend the rights of the fatherless.
Plead the widow’s cause.

The result of turning to the Lord?
Isaiah 1:19-20
19 If you are willing and obedient,
you will eat the good things of the land.
20 But if you refuse and rebel,
you will be devoured by the sword.”
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

Truly the state of affairs in the US right now:
Isaiah 1:23
Your rulers are rebels,
friends of thieves.
They all love graft
and chase after bribes.
They do not defend the rights of the fatherless,
and the widow’s case never comes before them.

There are some of the leaders that are not like this, but there are a great many that are. Their misdeeds are coming to light.

Isaiah 1:28
But both rebels and sinners will be destroyed,
and those who abandon the Lord will perish.

We’re all in this together. Either justice will be done, or everyone will be destroyed. Keep the faith, keep loving God through it all. He’s telling us that we will suffer. All the same things that happen to those doing evil will happen to us. There will be no special treatment for believers! Do not abandon the Lord!

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