Is It About Me Or Jesus?

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“Are you more devoted to your idea of what Jesus wants than to Himself?” -Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, August 18.

That’s a slipperly slope! How many times have I tried to put God in a box? How many times have I tried to justify my actions or reactions by using Jesus?

Right this instant I struggle with this. A person is accusing me of not being who I was a couple months ago. They claim I’m not doing the quality of work I used to, bringing up some of the thoughts I’ve had with time off. Is it true? Maybe. Probably. I can see both ways–I can justify myself.

But then I have to stop. I cannot change what people think, but I can choose to obey God! What does God say to do? Love, love, love. So how do I best do that? Therein lies my new question.

UPDATE: (8/20/20) I have discovered that I have been grieving a relationship! God has laid on me to let the old pass away, and He will bring in the new. Life is constantly changing, and sometimes the people we are doing life with are not going to stay with us forever. This season of my life is wrapping up. I will always be grateful for what I learned and what I was giving in this season; I’m ready for the next season to begin!