The Linchpin of the Globe

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Psalm 76:12
12 He humbles the spirit of leaders;
he is feared by the kings of the earth.

Those who do not fear the Lord are not wise. Those who do evil, promote evil: These will not last; the Lord will bring them down.

Thankfully there is a large percentage of believers in the US, and President Trump has made more references to God than all the other presidents that I can remember (back to Clinton), combined.

Lord, please give President Trump wisdom; raise Your people up against the evil, the tyranny, the globalists that are not of You, are not following Your commands to love, love, love.

The United States is the linchpin. If she falls, the rest will fall in line with the globalists’ agenda. Please don’t let this happen.

I know 200 years is the historic max for a democracy, but the US is a democratic republic–but still apparently susceptible to the same issues … people convinced they can get free things, but they do not consider the cost.

Even with the electoral college, if enough people can be convinced, they can be swayed to get enough communists into office. The US could be in trouble.

What can be done for term limits on Congress, Lord? Congress would probably be more inclined to work for the people if there were term limits and they weren’t in office for life. That’s on of the things I will look forward to with President Trump. He doesn’t want anything past this next term.

Bring the evil to light; the Satanism, the pedophilia, super evil, unthinkable to most. These things must be brought to light so they can be dealt with. I understand the information must be released slowly–the masses have been lulled, dumbed-down, they will not be able to believe it, let it register, grasp it.

America’s elite, the leaders, the celebrities, those admired by so many; those are going to be the ones who’s deep, dark–blacker than black–evil is coming to light. Crimes against humanity. People’s worlds will be rocked, shaken to the core. Please hold this country together.

Bring the people together, Lord, not for free things–which are simply paid for by someone else–but with hard work, determination, American founding values and principles–rights granted by You, not by man.