And Again I Say, Wealth Is Good!

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“How am I to pour out unto the Lord natural love or spiritual blessing? In one way only–in te determination of my mind …

If you have become bitter and sour, it is because when God gave you a blessing you clutched it for yourself; whereas if you had poured it out until the Lord, you would have been the sweetest person out of heaven. If you are always taking blessings for yourself and never learn to pour out anything unto the Lord, other people do not get their horizon enlarged through you. -Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, September 3.

Isaiah 30:5
everyone will be ashamed
because of a people who can’t help.
They are of no benefit, they are no help;
they are good for nothing but shame and disgrace.

What good are people who cannot help? “There is no benefit, they are no help,” they are good for nothing, maybe worse, needy. Back to resources, and again I reiterate: Earthly wealth is not bad or sinful–it is what is done with that wealth that is sinful. To use it to better peoples’ lives through creating products and services that people need and want (capitalism), which also provides to employees livelihoods, is a complete cycle, is good.

To hoard that wealth–which doesn’t allow it to flow, which actually causes it to lose value–doesn’t help people. That is the rich that are holding onto earthly things. Holding onto earthly things, holding them above the Lord within the heart is why Jesus said it was harder for a rich man to get into heaven.

“I’m sorry, wish you well,” is not as helpful as, “Here’s some food, clothing and money to buy from others what you need.”