Prophecy Today or No?

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Isaiah 14:2
The nations will escort Israel and bring it to its homeland. Then the house of Israel will possess them as male and female slaves in the Lord’s land. They will make captives of their captors and will rule over their oppressors.

This is not, “Everyone will get along, love and peace.” God has allowed for human nature. On earth there is a back and forth with some ruling over others. In the verse, “the nations” will escort (accompany, move) Israel and then those same nations will be slaves to Israel.

This is not moving a kid to college. The nations will move Israel back to the homeland and then be slaves, beholden, serving Israel.

Isaiah 14:20-21
20 You will not join them in burial,
because you destroyed your land
and slaughtered your own people.
The offspring of evildoers
will never be mentioned again.
21 Prepare a place of slaughter for his sons,
because of the iniquity of their ancestors.
They will never rise up to possess a land
or fill the surface of the earth with cities.

With all the evil in the US–and around the world–I’m wondering if these verses could be applicable now? Or does the last line already eliminate current times because the evil has already permeated and “built” the cities?

Lord, I have more questions than answers. Thank You for Your grace and mercy! Thank You for giving me the understanding that I will not get all the answers, but giving me Your peace that I don’t need all the answers.