Gathering to the Threshing Floor

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Micah 4:11-12
11 Many nations have now assembled against you;
they say, “Let her be defiled,
and let us feast our eyes on Zion.”
12 But they do not know the Lord’s intentions
or understand his plan,
that he has gathered them
like sheaves to the threshing floor.

The first verse brings to mind the many nations that are against the US, typically, and the number that many Americans perceive as being against us. Saw people the other day claiming that there were “so many”countries against the US, they held us in contempt, were better than us, insinuated that we were to be conquered (or at least the US cower). One person actually claimed that the US was the most evil country on earth!

Yes, I have seen what some claim is evidence of various countries–powerful countries on the world stage–submitting to President Trump. The evidence is rather convincing in that all the submission actions–if really acts of submission–are on video. Like the Queen of England allowing Donald Trump to walk in front of her! That one I can see as submissive!

The action I don’t know know as submission is hands clasped together. There’s even video of Nancy Pelosi with her hands clasped–has she really submitted?

But, as I’ve said before, Donald Trump is mortal human. There is danger in placing so much dependence on him. We should truly depend on the Lord–pray for the Lord to guide Donald Trump, to conquer the evil that has permeated our nation: from pedophiles, idolizing and worshiping other gods, to people being dumbed down and willfully ignorant to give up and actually fight to give up their God-given freedoms.

I pray for America. I thank God He gave us this land, laid on men to put into writing our Constitution and Bill of Rights, creating a unique government system. This, to me, is the greatest country on earth; a unique country, nowhere else like it in the world.

Is God gathering countries to the threshing floor? Will there be a giant cleansing? Will He us Donald Trump to execute justice and eradicate these evils from our nations, societies, and world? I’m waiting upon the Lord and His perfect timing.